Timbuktu Pro

Timbuktu Pro 9.0

View the screen of a remote desktop or share your screen with remote computers
9.0.0 (See all)
Netopia, Inc.

With its simple setup, user-friendly interface, and multiple security options, Timbuktu for Windows is the remote control software of choice for your home, classroom, or small business.
Timbuktu lets you:
- view the screen of a remote desktop or share your screen with remote computers to collaborate, teach, or provide technical support
- operate distant computers as if you were sitting right in front of them
- send large files without tying up e-mail
- communicate by intercom, text chat, instant message

Main Features:

Timbuktu Management Server Compliant - Works in tandem with Timbuktu Management Server to centrally manage Timbuktu remote access deployments and streamline support.

- Enhanced Security through tiered remote access and service availability on a per-user basis. Support for SSH encryption compresses Timbuktu remote desktop connections, and can improve Timbuktu performance.

- Enhanced Microsoft® Domain User List Management and Preference Settings in active service mode.

- Enhanced Screen-Sharing Preferences so you can set up separately defined Guest and Host preferences, both with many new options, each of which may increase the performance or security of your screen-sharing sessions.

- On-the-Fly Preferences to control the screen-sharing window settings or change host preferences during a Timbuktu Pro remote desktop session with an expanded system menu.

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